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Multiple Types of Websites

Posted 02 April 2020

Long gone are the days when websites used to be simple text with a few images and were not engaging for the visitors? But now the world has progressed so much that there are approximately 2 billion websites live now. These websites have improved so much that they are more appealing, informative, engaging and built purposefully. Every day we surf different websites but very little we know about what is going behind the scenes or how we can categorize these websites. Some major types of websites are discussed below.

Blogs and Personal Websites

Blogs and personal website are rapidly increasing in number. Personal blogs are mainly used by people who like to document their day to day activities and keep memories of their special occasions. Some people also start personal blogs to keep people updated about any topic(s) of their interest. Anybody can build a personal blog free of cost or for a very low budget. To keep the blog updated you do not need any technical knowledge. It is extremely easy to use and update.

E-Commerce Websites

Websites like Amazon, all birds, and other online stores are basically e-commerce websites. These are the websites where you can directly buy from and your articles are delivered to your place. Once setting up a store needed lots of investment but now you just need a running website are you can reach millions of customers. E-commerce has made business very easy from reaching customers to payments you just need to set it once and keep using it afterwards. Setting up an e-commerce website usually requires $20 to $400 per month, but what you get in return is much more.


Portfolio websites are common among freelancers and people who want to showcase their work online. Freelancers, photographers, editors, and engineers use portfolio websites to potential employers. Portfolio websites have social media pages integrated to catch possible leads. One can easily setup hi portfolio free of cost or at very low budget.

Business Website

Business websites are abundant in number. Business websites are an online representation of businesses. These websites are kept updated in accordance with business rules. These websites are branded like an actual business and everything like logo, colour scheming etc. is done with attention to detail to serve the purpose it is developed for. Developing and managing a business sites costs approximately $10 - $100 each month.

News & Entertainment Websites

News websites collect and broadcast local and international news to its visitors. These websites collect news from different sources, authenticate them and publish on their websites. The New York Times, BBC websites are classic examples of news websites.

There are many websites that we visit for the sole purpose of entertainment. These websites provide entertaining articles, news from showbiz and much more. These websites are also like business websites that aim at making money not by selling products but by displaying advertisements on their websites. Cost of making and managing news and entertainment website varies from $30 to $300 depending upon the content and size.

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