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Things You Need Before Designing Your Website

Posted 01 April 2020

Designing a website is a complex task it requires full concentration and effort. Website designing is not just about choosing a design and coding it. It is way beyond coding and designing. Web designing is branding your business on the digital world. Your website is representation of your business, it develops a direct connection between you and your clients. The way you design your website shows how serious you take your business and customers. You can make this process a way easier for yourself by taking care of following things.

Why you need to build it?

The first and most crucial step towards building your online representations (because it is more than just a website), is to understand the need. This step involves a lots of homework and study that why are you moving to digital platform? How it will benefit your business and how can a website be a true representation of what you do? The more you understand your brand, better you will be able to represent its true essence in the digital world.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Your customers are the ones who will visit and interact your website more than anyone else. If a website is designed after knowing the needs of customers, it is more likely to get visitors and enhance business. Similar to first step this step is more about analysing and planning. Knowing customers’ needs is all about getting information about what they want? How they search? What they like? What excites them? And how likely are they to connect with you through digital platforms. After doing this step you are ready to actually start the website designing process.

Plan Your Visuals

After completing the first two steps; when you know your business and understand your customers next step is to get technical. Third step is all about representation and design. At this step, you plan and decide multiple different ways that how can you represent your business in the best possible way. The best way to do is by consulting someone who has sufficient technical knowledge about designing and visuals. Everything from choosing color scheme, planning animations, images, typography and every pixel of your design should be decided here. If you are not satisfied with what you have achieved, this is the step to go back and make the things right before taking a step ahead.

Focus on Content

Your visuals and design might be the things that attract you more customers. But it is the content that helps you retain customers. Your content must not be some random sentences it must be a reflection of your concept and ideology. Your content should be blended with your visuals they together they convey a clear message to each visitor.

Review and Finalize

The final step is about reviewing what you have planned. At this step, you will look at back and try to find way for improvements. After analysing your plan you need to plan improvements in a very intuitive manner. Once you are done with this planning and pre-designing phase you can finally move to actual task of designing your website.

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